Our three-legged ironing stand PALM is the ideal companion for your ironing room. Very resistant, durable and robust, it remains discreetly stylish in the background and ensures efficient ventilation or drying of your ironing.

PALM is made of stainless, coated steel and ABS hard plastic, and has a total of three sturdy folding arms in which you can hang clothes hangers with blouses, trousers, etc. Holds up to 42 hangers and 30 KG dry laundry.

Your new freestanding dryer can be used both on the balcony and in the interior. Also ideal as a companion for your next camping trip.

鉃ALM- A foldable, mobile rotary clothes dryer for inside or outside with a large capacity for ventilating and drying all your ironing laundry.

Why should you buy our PALM camping clothes horse?

鉁 Robust and rust-free
鉁 Spacious
鉁 Well thought-out design
鉁 For indoors and outdoors
鉁 Quality product